White Widow: Deadly Masquerade

Created by Jamie Tyndall

Third issue of the #1 Independent Comic by Jamie Tyndall.

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Issue #4 Backer Kit
about 1 month ago – Sun, Jan 19, 2020 at 05:18:36 PM

If you missed out on Issue #4 because you were waiting on your books from #3... or because of the holidays or whatever... don't worry.  You still have one last chance and TWO ways to join in.  

The first way is if you want to order ala carte covers by ordering through our PRE-ORDER STORE now!

Here are some of the amazing covers available:

The second method is if you want to take advantage of some of our higher tiers and their bulk discounts.  You can STILL ala carte to these as well.  But the prices and extra bonuses DO make it worth it.  Simply email services@absolutecomics.net and we can manually add you to any tier.

If you missed them, here are the tiers:

Again... all you need to do to add a tier if you missed out (or even if you didn't and want multiple tiers!) is contact services@absolutecomics.net and we'll set you up.  But ORDERS BEGIN LOCKING MONDAY and many quantities ARE LIMITED so do not delay.


The way Backer Kit calculates shipping is decent but far from precise.  Especially for CGC add ons.  So if you ADD ON CGC or ADD ON ITEMS and feel that the price is too high it is likely due to shipping.  The solution is SIMPLE.

  • Select everything you want to add on (this means CGC upgrades, extra books, etc) in your Backer Kit survey.
  • Send an email to services@absolutecomics.net
  • Customer service will check your cart and ADJUST shipping to match what the actual price should be then show you the real price.

It's that simple.

We do not want to accidentally overcharge on shipping... We want you to get the coolest comics and collectibles for the best price.

Issue #4 is an INCREDIBLE event issue with the most amazing action you'll see in comics... plus the introduction of two world-changing new adversaries for White Widow... Recluse and Blood Widow!  You will not want to miss this!

Mostly Done #3 - White Widow #4 Final Chance!
about 2 months ago – Mon, Dec 23, 2019 at 05:29:59 PM

OK so White Widow #3 the warehouse has literally worked through the weekend to try to get EVERYONE filled.  There are a few still left to go but most everyone should be done by tomorrow and out the door.  As many of you have seen we're primarily using FEDEX now so deliveries have been exponentially faster and in much better condition.  We have also sped things up by adding Ship Station into the mix.


THE END IS NEAR! White Widow #4 Kickstarter campaign ends at 11:59PM PST Dec 24th!  We know we have a lot of you guys may have been waiting to get your #3's or see that they are on their way... OR you're watchers and followers who like to wait for the last minute to join Kickstarter... well the time is NOW.

So we're making one final BONUS OFFER.  For ALL BACKERS TIER 38-42 we're going to give you a FREE Golden Metal Comic Sized Print featuring the super popular art by Jesse Wichmann!  This is a full print on brushed golden metal!

This will ONLY be available for backers who select one of these reward tiers and will NOT be available in Backer Kit for purchase separately.  For backers who have two or more accounts and selected Tiers 38-42 on each, they will receive a FREE print per account along with duplicate push goals per account backed.


White Widow #4 we stepped up our push goal rewards big time, so if you're not in, here's where we are with SIX REALLY COOL offers left to unlock (and even more in our back pocket!)

Need more reasons to join in on Issue #4?

WHITE WIDOW #4 - First Full Blood Widow Appearance

For collectors and readers alike, there are certain issues known as "key issues" which impact the future of the series in a significant way.  These include things such as origin stories, new costumes, new powers, and most of all.. first full appearances of a major new character.

White Widow #4 introduces TWO major new adversaries for White Widow in the form of RECLUSE and BLOOD WIDOW.  Both of these characters are cool, but we can say that Blood Widow we already know that the scope of impact she will have on the White Widow Series cannot be stressed enough.  She will likely be the most dangerous ongoing foe White Widow will face for years to come!

Whether you choose to join #4 or not, please know that we truly appreciate each and every one of you and value your support.  It means the world to us, and we only strive to achieve what we do because we want to deliver the very best in return.  We truly mean it when we say we love each and every one of you.  Thanks.

White Widow #3 Shipping Update and more.
2 months ago – Sat, Dec 14, 2019 at 12:08:46 AM

As of this morning we were over 1/3 way through shipping out everything so many of you should have received tracking numbers.  You should be able to see tracking in your backer kit as well as your status showing FULFILLED if this is the case.  Please remember that CGC products ship separately.

We had a convergence of several things at once as stated before, but the good news is that Joe, who I mentioned previously had fractured his collarbone and scapula is on the mend and while we won't let him left heavy things (cuz we care about him) he is getting back on his pace.   Here's just one stacking area as of noon today of packages for Kickstarter #3:

Thank you all for your well-wishes and prayers.  Joe's a great part of our "family" and the first and best line in getting you all of your product.  It was bad timing, but we're good and he is getting better.


For those who missed it, we launched the kickstarter for White Widow#4: Knockout.  It is on a separate account but it is correctly us.  We hit our initial goal in under 12 hours, and have already announced the first eight push goals and TWO have been unlocked already!

Please note that like Kickstarter #3 we are doing a SHORTENED run of less than 2 weeks.  So if you haven't joined yet, now's the time.  We're doing better Push Goals and like always we keep trying to do bigger and better in every way!

Thanks as always for your support.

All books en route - NOW FOR #4!
2 months ago – Tue, Dec 10, 2019 at 03:19:15 PM

Thank you all.  The books are all in as of last week, and the push goals, and everything has been chugging along.  Many of you have likely already received your tracking numbers.  There was a SLIGHT hiccup when Joe, one of our talented warehouse guys, broke his collar and shoulder bone in an accident (not related to the warehouse) that slowed us down a bit.  But between that and the influx of Christmas sales and Issue #2 CGCs all coming in... it's been a madhouse of activity and they're doing a great job.

Issue #3s CGCs as we said are all dropped off and being worked on so we hope in a few weeks to have those back and put this entire project to bed!  We are getting faster each time.  And speaking of... now that these are out the door, it's time for ISSUE #4

You'll note we did NOT do this one under the Jamie Tyndall banner, but instead a different corporate run account.  This way we can bring out things like I Make Boys Cry and other books we have in the works under one more consolidated banner.

We have some amazing talent on this 4th issue and it looks awesome inside as well.  Here are the covers!

We hope you continue to enjoy the series and always we thank you SO much for your support.  It means the world to us!  We love you all.

Thank you for all your support.
2 months ago – Mon, Dec 09, 2019 at 06:17:08 PM

I wanted to send out a big thank you to everyone for all their support and encouragement over the years. I have now been in the industry for an amazing 8 years. People ask me what's the best part of the job. The drawing and creativity are a pretty big part of why I do it. But honestly the best part is meeting people that share my love for art and comics. The fans are the most important part of my job. Your encouragement is what drives me the most.  So I wanted to send out a big Thank you for all your support on my artbooks and the White Widow Comic book series.

We have recently launched the new White Widow Artbook and my volume 8 artbook on Kickstarter. One this Kickstarter we are off to a great start and have now reached our second Push goal. We were funded in less then 24 hours. This is due to all your support. Thank you J

If you haven't gotten into this Kickstarter there is still time to reap all the rewards.  Click here to check it out.