White Widow: Deadly Masquerade

Created by Jamie Tyndall

Third issue of the #1 Independent Comic by Jamie Tyndall.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Shipping Soon and MORE!
10 days ago – Fri, Nov 08, 2019 at 10:52:32 PM

Hey everyone, here's a quick update on Issue #3.  ALL of the books are now printed and assembling at our factory... and we've begun receiving merchandise so we can begin fulfilling orders soon.

The A-C Retailer editions are in and on hand and they look amazing.  We've also received our METAL editions (which use the same "guts" as the retailer versions).  These may be the most beautiful metal covers we've ever done.

We will keep you updated on the rest.


We want to share with you a fun special sale we've got going on in our store today, Nov 8, 2019, that runs TODAY ONLY...  We're calling it FREE PRINT FRIDAY!  

For every $40 in merchandise (in any category... comics, trades, artbooks, etc) you purchase, you will receive a FREE 11x17 ART PRINT of your choice! 

No codes are necessary, simply add $40+ merchandise to your cart and add the print (or prints) you want for free.  You get 1 free for each multiple of $40 you select to purchase.


Hope you enjoy and we look forward to getting you all your goodies soon!

Things rolling out fast and furious
about 1 month ago – Wed, Oct 16, 2019 at 01:48:35 AM

So several quick things...

1) Be sure to check your backer kit if you missed your email today.  We've begun rolling out the digital (not all done but quite a lot).  These will show up as DIGITAL DOWNLOADS in your Backer Kit!

2) Huge "AFTER COLUMBUS DAY" sale going on now through Friday. Buy 2 Get 1 Free off of all of our prints, most comics, CGCs and more in our store (excluding VIP items). We've added over 60 prints, hundreds of comics, and more! You can mix and match (doesn't have to be the same item). No promo code needed!  Just go to our site here.  https://absolutecomics.myshopify.com/

3) We are STILL waiting on nearly 50 of you to complete your BACKER KIT!  We cannot stress enough how important this is.  That's over 1 in 20 people we are waiting on, which is immense.  PLEASE take the time to log into: https://white-widow-deadly-masquerade.backerkit.com/  Use your email you used for KICKSTARTER (hint... its THIS one).  It's fast, easy, and you can get SO much extra stuff.  Do NOT miss out.

4) Stuff is on its way from China printer... so we hope to get these out VERY soon.  Stay tuned.

Back and backer update.
about 1 month ago – Sat, Oct 12, 2019 at 09:15:19 PM

Couple quick things, so please read to end.

So we've begun locking this past week, the orders, because books are on their way now from the printer.  We will begin fulfillment shortly... but there are a whopping 50 of you who have STILL not filled out your backer kit.  This is a pretty big number and has been part of the slow-down, because many of our items are limited based on orders and we don't want you guys to miss out.  So if you've not yet filled out your backer kit, look in your email (and spam folder) for one of the MANY reminders and fill it out!  If for some reason you still don't have an email, contact us at services@absolutecomics.net and we will send your link directly.  Alternatively you can log in with the email you used for Kickstarter at backerkit and your survey will appear.


We're back from New York Comic Con 2019, and we loaded up a BUNCH of items into our Exclusives and VIP store.  You should have received an email regarding this, but this includes METALLIC INK copies of I Make Boys Cry Preview #1 (a direct spin-off of White Widow).  These are limited to only 25 copies of each one, and so we have them in the VIP section of our store.  If you still don't have VIP by now (which we've sent you many emails about), you can get in free by, again, contacting us at services@absolutecomics.net and we will provide you with a promo code!  Being a kickstarter backer gives you free access for a year and it is SO worth it. 

Here are the metallic ink covers:

Thanks, as always, for your support.  Please fill out your surveys if you haven't, and if you want this or any of the cool stuff we loaded into the store (literally hundreds of items!!!) act quickly, because they are extremely limited.

New Merchandise
about 2 months ago – Sat, Sep 28, 2019 at 02:47:40 AM

We're constantly being asked about White Widow merchandise.  We've been a bit hesitant to dive into them, so when we were approached by someone who wanted to make some cool merchandise exclusives for NYCC, we were happy to have them take a crack at it.  Here's what they put together:

We think they did a pretty good job.  There are pins, a trading card set (done in the old Marvel series 1 style), a lithograph, and even a couple exclusive comics (one by Jamie Tyndall and the other by Greg Horn).

We thought we'd share them with you!  So if you're interested you can order some online here: https://www.knowheretoys.com/NYCC-Exclusives.html

Or you can go by their booths (2654 and 2655) at New York Comic Con next week.  Greg Horn, Jamie Tyndall and Benny Powell will also be in attendance.

More info on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pg/knowheretoys/posts/

NYCC Exclusives - I Make Boys Cry - Now Available
about 2 months ago – Thu, Sep 26, 2019 at 01:57:35 AM

As we said, your VIP access we gave everyone is going to be worth it.  Well here's the NEXT batch of goodies. 

White Widow Spin-Off Series - I MAKE BOYS CRY is Here!

This is it!  I MAKE BOYS CRY Preview #1 New York Comic Con 2019 editions are available for pre-order NOW.  Hurry these are extremely limited quantity, so act now.

We also offer a SPECIAL PRICED collection of ALL 9 NYCC covers plus some SURPRISE bonus comics in a NUMBERED collectors set limited to only 25 featuring a special METALLIC INK print by JAMIE TYNDALL as the COVER to a Stor-Folio!!!  This set ALSO includes a DIGITAL copy of the book so you can read it early!

This bundle is ONLY for our VIPs as a way of saying thanks!  It is a PRE-ORDER product with a total value in excess of $250!

Metallic Ink Stor-Folio Cover by Jamie Tyndall (numbered 1 thru 25)


You can also buy the exclusive comics individually, but quantities are limited to only 50 of each.  This is this FIRST version of these characters in print and it is a true cross-over event with White Widow. Each 24 page book includes the first 10 pages from Issue #1 as well as exclusive dossiers and other behind-the-scenes information that will NOT be available in this format anywhere else.

Cover by Jamie Tyndall
Cover by Chris Ehnot
Cover by Jenna Powell
Cover by Mike Debalfo
Cover by Benny Powell
Cover by Jason Metcalf
Cover by Genzoman
Cover by Bill McKay
Virgin Cover by Bill McKay

NOTE - If you are unable to see the products on our store you need to do two things:

1) Be sure you registered your VIP access with the email we sent Sept 15 titled: Congratulations on Your Free VIP Membership to Absolute Comics!   - It MAY be in your SPAM folder.  This email comes from absolutecomics@mta.seguno-mail.com (our mail service)

2) Be sure to LOG IN and/or CREATE ACCOUNT using the SAME EMAIL ADDRESS.  You will need to VERIFY your email if you haven't already.  Note that this email will come from SHOPIFY so it too may be in your SPAM folders!